My Interview With Legendary Seth Godin

Branding, we all know the loyalty of Apple customers but what about Realtors, can they brand, can they achieve strong local success?

A brand is just a shortcut to have people remember a bunch or expectations or stories about someone or something. Look, the classclown has a brand. We all remember the classclown. You should have a brand but if you do you have to live it, have to adhere to it and you should think it out in advance. It is how people will remember you.
About 2 million people sell real estate in North America  and yet we note only a small percentage of names that dominate local markets.
You have to accept the fact, there are too many real estate agents, that the internet is destabilizing the industry, accept the fact that things are in flux. You have to accept the world as it is but there are huge opportunities.

The old disciplines are gone. Brokers no longer have control. Agents do not have to attend meetings or work from offices. How important is training today?
Difference between training and apprenticeship; real mastery comes from apprenticeship. Real estate agent needs to find someone to apprenticeship with and choose their path, they have to learn instead of just sitting and listening to boring training lectures. 
You are not ashamed of your mistakes and failures. Is that always a good thing? Should we sweep our failures under a carpet or should we celebrate them?
Yes, I am proud of them. If you decide that failure is not an option, then you have also wiped out success as they are two sides of the same coin. My goal is to fail more than others as I get more chances to play. The internet today has made it much easier to fail and to play. As we are talking, Barbara Corcoran ( is on the podium and speaking about her series of failures which led to her huge success.
Some well known publications are writing that we are in an era of the end of salespeople. Is there a future in sales?
Yes, of course. Sales are about transfers of emotion. I was on a machine in the gym this morning and there is a button for a computer trainer. I noted that no one has pushed it. A human trainer will make you work hard, a computer cannot. You have to be focussed though on working with the consumer. They know when you are in it for yourself, when it is all about your commission. It should not about your deal. It has to be about them. 
What about rejection? Despite being a salesperson, isn’t rejection one of the hardest things to overcome and eventually can’t constant rejection wear one down? I met with Mark Victor Hansen a few years ago. He explained that over 140 rejections were given by the publishing industry for the first Chicken Soup of the Soul. That is a lot of rejection. What about salespeople?
People who can’t get past rejection just quit. Face it, the public is rejecting your transfer of emotion, they are rejecting your skills and approach. It is not personal, they just don’t know you. 
The public today seems bombarded with offerings, information and spam. Many are posting but are many readers are not responding.
If they are not responding you are not being interesting. If they are not responding you have to change what you are posting and publishing.
Is Facebook a time waster for Realtors?
Fans in your own industry do not bring you money. Why would anyone befriend a Realtor in the first place? Why on earth would a citizen want to befriend a Realtor? If a real estate agent was going to town meetings and reporting on the events, interviewing the fire chief, etc. I may be inclined to follow them as they are giving me information about what I am interested in. A Realtor must make it about me, about what I want.
Your site, Squidoo – how can a Realtor benefit from Squidoo?
To date, we have more than 3 million pages. Build a page and tell us about your interests. Let me know about your favourite football team. Let me know about you. Let me want to pick you when I am ready to make a real estate decision. 
Passion – the word plays a major theme in your books. What happens when someone is good at what they do but their passion wanes or just gives out? For Realtors, when it stops being enjoyable should they move on?
Why did they lose their passion? They are telling themselves a story, they are saying “the goal is not worth the effort.”
You have to either change your goal or your perception of the outcome. 
What is your latest book?
We are all Weird, is my latest book. In the past marketers sold to the average consumer. Today, there are more weird people and averages or the masses do not work. The tendency to cater to the normal is obsolete.
Last question, you are American. What is your favourite city to travel to as you are on the road so much?
I hate to travel. My favourite place to visit is the place of my youth, Algonquin Park (my note, Seth is from Buffalo, NY and went to a well known summer camp in Ontario, in the park for many years).


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