Commercial & Residential Real Estate Appraisal

Appraised valueBarry's appraisal career took him across North America. Starting in residential appraisals, he became a commercail appraiser and did landmark buidlings and projects in most provinces of Canada and in many American states. He estimates that during his career he personally inspected over 20,000 homes and at least 35,000 apartment suites, as a large part of his business was focussed on highrise apartment buildings in his last decade as an appraiser.

Barry is known as one of the leading experts on real estate stigma in Canada, from UFFI, to grow operations to multiple floods and so many other issues. He was the go-to expert in this field for decades.

In 2010 Barry Lebow made the decision to turn the two appraisal divisions, commercial and residential over to younger and more active appraisers.

Lebow, Hicks Ltd. split into two distict companies. Lebow, Hicks Appraisal Inc. under the direction of Lois Hicks, AACI continues to serve the commercial clients and to build a stronger practice. Lois can be reached at 416-781-5504 or

Lebow-Carrington is under the direction of long time residential manager Jim Parthenis, CRA who solely works in the areas of divorce, estates, relocation and certain litigation matters. Note, Lebow-Carrington does not conduct mortgage valuations. Jim can be reached at 416-421-5188 or at

The parent firm, Lebow Appraisal was founded in the early 1970s.  From minor issues to complex litigation work into the tens of millions of dollars, from a single family complex to entire communities and large portfolios, the present firms are more than capable of continuing in the legacy of the well established name that has been respected by lawyers, accountants, major developers and the public for many year