What Is Wrong With Real Estate Education

Most jurisdictions advocated that rules and regulations should dominate continuing ed for salespeople. Note that word, "salespeople." To autocrats that is but a word. They have no grasp of the world of sales. Ask a regulator what is important and they fixate on rules. They speak of "serving the public" but rules do not give the public what they need. Today in the USA there are recognized universities giving BA programs in sales. Yes, sales! I believe there is one with an MBA. It is a new world. Sales people today require new skills from the latest computer skills to understanding how humans react. 

When I lecture I can almost spot the top Realtors in a class. There is an alertness about them. They are very groomed. They look good, they are engaged. Then I spot the others, shorts, flip flops, ripped jeans, caked on make up or none at all, etc. 


We need education to best serve the public. If someone is engaged in being a buyer agent then they have to have top negotiation skills. They have to be salesmen. The concept of sales makes a bureaucrat bristle. They want to control the salesperson, mould them in a rule book but they forget that the salesperson must give services and well so that the public is best served and so that the salesperson can make a living.


Why the absurd high turnover each year in this business? Because we graduated academics who are intellectually retarded when it comes to actually working in sales. Few firms today truly teach. Sink or swim dominates and most cannot work in the deep end


I would start with courses from Harry Rosen, Hold Renfrew and others on simply how to project a professional image. The importance of a shoe shine and other basics. You feel good about yourself, you project to the clients. 


I would dwell on negotiation, lots of role playing and multi-ethnic culture training for negotiation.


If I were King for a day. It will never happen. Bureaucrats would never understand what the public truly needs – Realtors with high skills and not mini bureaucrats.


Lebow Rant for today