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Family Wars and the Real Estate Process

Sadly, I have too much expertise in this field. From a beneficiary feeling that they are not being treated fairly by the appointed Estate trustee to children of a first marriage fighting with the step parent from the second marriage, the list goes on of the variables right down to siblings who simply cannot stand to be in the same room together.

There is a time to fight and a time to come to the realization that a property must be sold, at the highest possible price and in the quickest of time.

There are issues relating to the contents of the property and issues relating to the dividing of the money once sold.

“Barry’s knowledge, experience and support

enabled a smooth closing despite a few challenges along the way. He has always put in his best effort to respond to questions or requests and was respectful in handling all our needs”
–   Carol S. 

What experience has taught me is that too many families in conflict have allowed years of resentment to build to the point where they cannot function in co-operation with each other. They allow their emotions to dominate instead of focusing on the major real estate asset. Working together, as a REALTOR® it is my job to act as a neutral middle man and guide the Estate trustee, report to the parties and to maximize the property selling value.

Even families with personal disputes have listened, allowing for renovations in order to make a property more saleable and to achieve the highest price.

It takes a trained professional who is calm, experienced in family fighting and who can bring reason to the parties. One must never take sides.

Having worked with so many families or partners who have found themselves having to deal with people who were in their lives and whom they cannot stand, finding common ground is never easy but with guidance, with a practiced demeanour, even the worst family war can be resolved before it goes too far and must be decided by the courts.

At all times costs have to be considered to avoid mounting legal bills.

Barry Lebow has the necessary skills to be able to settle a family war favourably.

Recommended reading, “The Family Fight, Barry Fish and Les Kotzer.

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