When it is time to move mom or dad into care or handle an estate there can be a lot of emotions mixed in with the business side of things and Barry Lebow can help you and your loved ones through that process.

“There are easier ways for a REALTOR® to make a living than by working in the complex world of senior real estate but I can honestly state, I am doing what I love to do. Helping families when they feel frustrated by what lies ahead is my expertise and my passion.”

-Barry Lebow


Downsizing & Selling the Family Home


If you have reached a stage in your life where you are ready to cherish memories made in your family home and let go of the walls that created them, then it is important to find the right REALTOR® who can guide you through the process of letting go without forgetting. Barry Lebow will share his decades of experience with you to identify the ‘must keeps’, what to sell, and how best to choose the next home to take you into the next phase of your life.

Apartments for seniors in Toronto.
Downsizing and selling the family home.

Apartments for Seniors in Toronto

Finding the right apartment or condo for a senior living in Toronto needs to be more than just a spec sheet of amenities within four walls. It’s important to consider the location of the dwelling, transportation options, proximity to grocery stores and loved ones, and importantly, all the good things in life that bring joy. There are social options, dance classes, movie nights, and even dating for seniors!  Barry has been supporting seniors in downsizing for over 10 years and believes that just because your home is getting smaller doesn’t mean your social life has to. 


Accredited Senior Agent Designation

Accredited Senior Agent Canada Barry Lebow

In 2006, Barry embarked on a journey into the field of senior real estate learning from top professionals like accountants and trust company executors. From this invaluable experience he recognized a gap in real estate services and he developed and launched the Accredited Senior Agent professional designation for Canadian REALTORS®.



“Over the years, thousands of Canadian REALTORS® have taken the course and for that I am proud. I can claim to be the “guy who wrote the book” on this subject.”

-Barry Lebow



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Do I need independent legal advice when signing real estate documents?
It would be prudent to ensure that you have an experienced real estate lawyer review documents before signing. Some documents are simple, like the standard listing form and the lawyer is not needed. A review though of an offer before acceptance is advised as independent legal advice should be in place if someone is not familiar with the real estate process.
Is there a “best” time of the year to sell?
Frankly, houses even get sold on Christmas Day. Stats show that spring and fall are best over other months. Spring because people want to settle in before the summer vacation time and before the new school year. There used to be times when sales fell off, but given the multi-ethnic culture of today, many do not celebrate old traditions such as Christmas holidays.
How to chose a nursing or care facility?

This is where the family steps in. If money is not an object the exercise is easier, but for tight budgets, in Ontario, one is given 3 choices traditionally, and must select one and quickly as bed space is limited. Unfortunately, few plan for this day and many families are in crisis. We offer a professional health care expert to work with the family to ensure that all goes smoothly and the best options for their loved one are achieved.

What do I do with the money from the sale of my property?
It is difficult for someone who has never invested much in their life to suddenly come into a large sum of money and then trust a stranger to invest it for them. A good financial advisor can assist but you have to screen them as not all are alike. Ask for strong recommendations. For the most cautious of investors, look to the smaller banks, trust companies and credit unions who pay more for GICs than the big banks. The government protects your deposit up to $100,000. For example, you sell your home and reap a great price of $800,000 net after commissions and costs. If you are a couple, you each buy $100,000 in a lender. For $800,000 just buy 8 x $100,000 GICs at various institutions and you should be covered and can sleep at night.
Is my money from my property sale tax free?
If it is your principle residence, you are tax free. If it is from an investment property you will be faced with a capital gain if you have made a profit above your original purchase. If a capital gain, speak to your accountant for more advice.
Is Moving Very Stressful?

It does not have to be. We provide consulting for free with a professional transition manager who can bring ease to the process. She will guide you as to what to take to your new home, what to give to family, what to donate, what to sell and what to just toss out. Doing it yourself or doing with family is stressful and very time consuming. There is no need for that as transition management today is practical.

What About My Stuff, the Things That Fill My Home?
Again, that is for the transition manager. She knows what has value and can be sold. Garage sales are difficult, they are very time consuming and take a lot of physical work. We do not recommend them. There are better options today from inhouse internet auctions to consignment shops.

Note: The answers herein are not to be considered independent legal advice or any other advice outside of the expertise of real estate transactions solely. Any party who wants to consider an answer herein should seek independent legal or other professional advice before proceeding.

Some of my ‘Sold for Seniors’

Some of the additional Exceptional Professionals that Barry offers for his clients:

  • Appraisers for art, object of art, antiques, automobiles
  • Auction services to sell possessions you want to turn into cash
  • Bed bug removal
  • Care facility advisors and placement professionals
  • Certified real estate appraisals
  • Charities, which will take goods
  • Counselling
  • Energy audits
  • Family dispute resolution
  • Financial advisors who are neutral and do not sell products
  • Government programs that you may not know of
  • Handyman services
  • Home Inspection
  • Housekeeping services
  • Insurance services (you cannot leave a house vacant)
  • Lawyers for real estate, estates, tax planning, litigation and other specialities
  • Life style coaches for those over 60 who want to date again
  • Mortgage financing – reverse mortgages, lines of credit, conventional financing
  • Mould remediation and real estate stigma
  • Nursing and care providers
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Quality movers
  • Relocation – network with Realtors across Canada, United States, Central America, & other countries
  • Social programs in your area for mature residents
  • Should you move or stay? – our custom analysis
  • Staging to achieve the highest price
  • Stay in place services to renovate your existing home & make it accessible
  • Travel agents who are mature market knowledgeable
  • Transition team to help you downsize
  • Which consignment shops are best for unwanted items

Note – retention of other professionals may incur their separate fees. Note, Barry Lebow does not take hidden fees, finders fees, etc.

* Services provided to clients under exclusive contract

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