The Senior Move

Acting as the real estate professional for a family or executor when a home was the long time residence of a senior or senior couple requires special skills, learned skills and a great deal of care and patience.

In 2006 I embarked on a journey into the field of senior real estate service. In 2007, after one year of study, of meeting with top professionals from accountants to trust company executors I launched the Accredited Senior Agent professional designation for Canadian Realtors. Over the years, thousands of Canadian Realtors have taken the course and for that I am proud. I can claim to be the “guy who wrote the book” on this subject.

But, as an active Realtor in the first five years of being at RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc. I have personally sold almost 50 houses where I had to assist a senior either in downsizing, dealt with estates or in two cases, assisted seniors (in their 60s) to acquire their lifetime dream homes.

Listing and selling is not the sole role of a Realtor in a senior process. There are many professionals from lawyers to downsizing firms to be consulted. There are unfortunately families who are not in sync, families who are fractured and a professional, trained Realtor has to work with all parties to make the result that happens work for all. Sometimes, with Family Wars, the process is very difficult. Combine that with a parent who does not want to move and the situation calls for someone with experience in this field.

I did not just write the material, I have grown and am one of the limited number of Master-ASA designated Realtors in Canada. I am but a member of this esteemed group. We meet, we consult with each other and we have many programs to give us more insight into the world of seniors, their families and the dynamics of the real estate process.

As a professional of growth, I am a member of the Essential Conversations group, a core of professionals engaged in assisting families who cannot agree on the process, who are at odds and frankly in too many cases families who are allowing old hurts or grudges to burden the process that must be undertaken.

As a Realtor working in the senior field I do my job and well but as a person who cares about the senior field, I find myself doing a fair amount of hand holding and ensuring that there is an ease in the process.

Due to my work, my experience in this field I have the honour to be the official Realtor for Baycrest Hospital in Toronto, one of the world’s leading facilities in senior care. In 2016 I was appointed as their real estate professional at 2 Neptune Drive, a life-lease residence which we are working to convert into a full rental complex for seniors.

There are easier ways for a Realtor to make a living than working in the complex world of senior real estate practice but I can honestly state, I am doing what I love to do, helping families when they feel frustrated by what lies ahead when it is time to move out mom or dad or handle the estate.

It is not easy, but I promise, I bring “ease”to the transaction, to the family, to the executor.

Some of my ‘Sold for Seniors’

Some of the additional Exceptional Professionals that Barry offers for his clients:

  • Appraisers for art, object of art, antiques, automobiles
  • Auction services to sell possessions you want to turn into cash
  • Bed bug removal
  • Care facility advisors and placement professionals
  • Certified real estate appraisals
  • Charities, which will take goods
  • Counselling
  • Energy audits
  • Family dispute resolution
  • Financial advisors who are neutral and do not sell products
  • Government programs that you may not know of
  • Handyman services
  • Home Inspection
  • Housekeeping services
  • Insurance services (you cannot leave a house vacant)
  • Lawyers for real estate, estates, tax planning, litigation and other specialities
  • Life style coaches for those over 60 who want to date again
  • Mortgage financing – reverse mortgages, lines of credit, conventional financing
  • Mould remediation
  • Nursing and care providers
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Quality movers
  • Relocation – network with Realtors across Canada, United States, Central America, & other countries
  • Social programs in your area for mature residents
  • Should you move or stay? – our custom analysis
  • Staging to achieve the highest price
  • Stay in place services to renovate your existing home & make it accessible
  • Travel agents who are mature market knowledgeable
  • Transition team to help you downsize
  • Which consignment shops are best for unwanted items

Note – retention of other professionals may incur their separate fees. Note, Barry Lebow does not take hidden fees, finders fees, etc.

* Services provided to clients under exclusive contract