Barry Lebow is an international speaker who has taught, lectured, facilitated across North and South America and even cruise ships in the Caribbean.

It would be impossible to estimate the thousands of Realtors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, investors and general audiences to whom Barry has spoken.

He is honoured to have spoken to lawyers at the Law Society of Upper Canada, having been asked as an expert on stigma by government agencies to be on various forums and in 2014 Barry was asked to represent the Canadian real estate industry on the subject of safe injection sites and potential stigma by a committee of the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Barry was a former instructor for the Ontario Real Estate Association, the former Ontario Mortgage Brokers Association, has represented multi times The Appraisal Institute of Canada and is a recurring lecturer for the Toronto Real Estate Board and for other boards in Ontario.

He can speak on multiple real estate subjects, some complex to those in the industry and about the real estate industry to general groups. A good percentage of Barry’s speaking fees goes to the Lebow Foundation, for Alzheimer’s Research at Baycrest Hospital.

“Really made the subject come alive

The student feedback on his lecture ranged from “excellent lecture” to “very stimulating presentation” to “really made the subject come alive.”  
–   Leading professional education body

Seminars by Barry include:


Appraising the Haunted House

A seminar for the practitioner about stigma and disclosure

Appraisal of the Luxury Property

A new seminar created originally for the Institute of Luxury Housing and has been given across the United States

Appraisal for Superior Sales and Listings

A seminar about how to use valuation for superior listings and about a listing package

My Kick Ass Listing Presentation

Barry’s excellent client presentation but only taught in communities at least one hour’s drive from Toronto

The Next Wave: The Senior Market

As founder of the Accredited Senior Agent designation program Barry shares why Realtors should delve into this demographic and he teaches a how-to approach

How to Promote a Professional Designation

How to brand and market yourself. just because you earned a designation, does not mean the world will not beat a path to your door

And more. Barry has been a keynote speaker at many conferences and has worked with groups and agencies on their issues. Barry can customize a session for a group upon request.

Fees are reasonable and Barry welcomes speaking engagements because 1) he honestly enjoys doing them and 2) most of the income goes for his passion of raising money for Alzheimer’s research.

Barry Knows Real Estate

Get in touch with Barry for answers to all your Toronto real estate questions.